Survival Horror fans can soon take their terror on the go, thanks to Capcom's announcement that Resident Evil: Revelations 1&2 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

News came alongside an announcement from Capcom that Resident Evil: Revelations will be releasing to PS4 and Xbox One.

The titles will feature 1080p resolution and "better framerate", as well as refined player movements and increased environment details.

All DLC will be bundled in – available as unlockable rewards. Furthermore, the popular co-op Raid Mode will return with a remixed stage called "The Ghost Ship: Chaos", giving players access to more powerful weapons and upgrades as they face off against varied spawn placements.

In Toby Hill's Gameplanet review of Revelations on console he noted it was "a great game on handheld," while on console it was "merely acceptable." Here's hoping Capcom has learnt its lesson.

Resident Evil: Revelations will release to PS4 and Xbox One on August 29, and are available to pre-order from Mighty Ape.

Release details for the Switch are yet to be confirmed.