DayZ developer, and RocketWerkz founder Dean Hall has shed new light on the expected release of his studio's upcoming space title, Stationeers.

"Our current plan is to release in September," Hall stated in a post to Steam. "However, this date would be delayed if we do not think the game is ready. We will communicate this if it happens, and the reasons why. I just think we should be a little more public now about our expected targets, as it also helps internally put a little pressure on the team."

The initial release will be to Steam's Early Access program, which Hall noted as "a great way to restrict the number of customers, yet still build a very focused community. It allows us to gauge the real interest in the game and scope it correctly without the danger of overscoping and bankrupting the studio.

"Above all else, I want this to be like we did Out of Ammo's EA but on a larger scale. I suppose I want to try and do Early Access 'right' based on what I've learned myself, and from others (like Tynan from RimWorld fame)."

Revealed earlier this year at EGX Rezzed, Stationeers is a base building and management game that allows players to create their own space station, from which they can then explore the galaxy.