Ubisoft has announced new additions to its 4v4 brawler, For Honor, including much-requested dedicated servers.

Since its launch in February, For Honor has been plagued with connection and matchmaking issues, due to a complicated server design.

“Making 4v4 fighting work over a network—it’s really special, because your exact position is much more important, and your timing is much more important than in a shooter,” director Roman Oriola told Eurogamer.

While most PvP games utilise peer-to-peer servers – which make one player the host – For Honor opted for all players to share all data simultaneously so as not to give any one player an advantage.

A date for dedicated servers is yet to be announced.

Dedicated servers are coming to For Honor
Ubisoft detail For Honor's future.

In addition to new servers, Ubisoft laid out a roadmap through to February 2018.

Season 3 will start next month, introducing two new heroes, two new maps, and a beta version of Duel Tournament ranked combat.

Season 4 will launch in November, along with two more heroes and maps. The fourth season will also introduce a new Training Mode for unranked combat practice.

Additional equipment upgrades will be implemented in the coming months, including "legendary" weapons and armour types.

Gameplanet gave For Honor a 7/10, noting that technical difficulties were holding the game back from being "a force to be reckoned with". Here's hoping the upcoming server changes will do just that.

For Honor is available now from Mighty Ape.