The debut from Brisbane "micro-AAA" studio Prideful Sloth hits PlayStation 4 and PC today.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is an open-world adventure from Prideful Sloth, a developer comprised of vets from the Batman: Arkham and The Elder Scrolls series, DMC: Devil May Cry, Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Rome: Total War.

Set on an island paradise plagued by a mysterious dark force, Yonder tells the story of a young adventurer returning to a home he never knew. After washing ashore, he befriends the locals and encounters magical sprites capable of dispelling the Murk corrupting the realm.

In order to save the island, players farm, craft, cook, brew and fish across eight distinct biomes that range from snow-capped peaks to radiant, sandy beaches.

There is a day/night and a seasonal cycle, and each habitat is teeming with adorable creatures to discover, domesticate and dote over back at the farm.

"Yonder provides a beautiful, comfortable place for people to enjoy, regardless of what they choose to do there," said Prideful Sloth co-founder and director Cheryl Vance.

"This project is unlike anything our team had the chance to create while we were in the AAA space, and we're elated to have the opportunity to offer the gaming community a different type of experience to savour."

You can check out Yonder in physical stores, on the PlayStation Store and Steam.