Bungie seems pretty sure Destiny 2 won't be the narrative wasteland the first game was at launch (and arguably, far beyond).

Speaking with IGN in the video below, Bungie senior narrative lead Jason Harris and cinematic lead Matthew Ward said their studio had spent a lot of time world building.

"I can’t emphasise enough that we are ready to tell stories in this world," said Harris. "Big, expansive, and cinematic stories."

Apparently, Bungie learned a lot by listening to players, and also by playing Destiny with the community. In doing so, it found stories it wanted to tell, but also noticed players gravitated towards ideas and stories it didn't realise were as strong as they were.

According to Harris and Ward, those things resulted in an abundance of story content.

"I think players are ultimately going to see a wide variety of story channels and an eclectic number of outlets to see story infused throughout the game,” said Harris.

"Top to bottom, soup to nuts, there is story everywhere."

Ward agreed: "I hope people complain about how much story we have," he said. "That would be the Reddit thread I’d like to read."

Bungie revealed recently that it has ditched random weapon rolls in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is out on September 6 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and is coming to PC on October 24.

Prior to that, there will be a pair of betas.