The first episode of Aussie-made sci-fi puzzle/tactics game Ticket to Earth is now available on Steam for PC and Mac.

Ticket to Earth is a sci-fi tale of betrayal and insurrection played out in a game that's a fusion of tile-matching, turn-based tactics, and story-driven RPG.

Developer Robot Circus has a total of four episodes in the works, and you can pick up the lot of NZ$18.

Kotaku called the game "an evolutionary leap forward in the puzzle/RPG hybrid genre", and PC Powerplay Magazine and Pocket Gamer were similarly effusive in their praise.

The first episode is also available on iOS for US$4, and an Android version is in the works.

In a design post on Gamasutra, Robot Circus co-founder and technical director Kevin Chan said that with Ticket to Earth, Robot Circus was attempting to make a game that really mattered to people, that touched them deeply, and that made them think.

"As we discovered in creating Ticket to Earth, novelty can be found by mixing up styles and genres that have never been combined before, especially when those game types don’t intuitively fit together," he wrote.

"Sometimes originality lies in taking two or three very different styles of game and blending them into a seamless whole."