Doomfist is finally coming to Overwatch as the game's 25th hero.

The much-teased character is currently available on the Public Test Realm, and will come to the wider public soon.

Doomfist is a cybernetically enhanced and speedy offence hero with a Hand Cannon, Rocket Punch, Seismic Slam, Rising Uppercut, and a shield called the Best Defense. His ultimate is called Meteor Strike.

His real name is Akande Ogundimu, and he's actually the third Doomfist via ownership of the Doomfist gauntlet, a weapon that mysteriously disappeared from its display case upon the release of Overwatch’s Numbani map.

Doomfist has been teased since Overwatch launched last year, after an early cinematic showed Widowmaker and Reaper trying to steal his gauntlet.

In-game, a couple of maps showed posters of him, and an article about him appeared last week on the game’s canonical news site.

It was rumoured that he would be voiced by Terry Crews, as he had been spotted visiting Blizzard and had expressed a desire to play the part, but he was not cast.

In related news, YouTube channel Lion Montages has assembled Overwatch's cinematic shorts into a trailer for a sadly-fictional Overwatch Netflix show.