Kiwi city and tribe management title Goblins of Elderstone is now available to the general public.

The game's "alpha 2.0" is up on's First Access programme for US$20.

Lost Goblin is keen to emphasise that because the game is in alpha, it is unfinished and broken in some ways, so only those wanting to give feedback and suffer through a few bugs should buy it right away.

For those on the fence, Seymore does a developer Twitch stream every Saturday, wherein he jams the game and discusses new features with its backers.

Players will be able to give developer Lost Goblin feedback via's forums, and the game will be updated every two to four weeks.

The first update is already half-finished, and will add new features including fire, which burns down buildings, propagates, and can be put out by goblins using water from a well.

The update after that will likely include diseases, priests that can heal said afflictions, dead goblins turning into undead goblins, and goblin on goblin violence.

Goblins of Elderstone is pitched as a city builder crossed with a goblin tribe simulator. You grow a tiny clan into dominating tribe, battle other races, raid dungeons, and attempt to maintain order within your green-skinned community.

It was influenced by games including the Anno series, Banished, Stonehearth, Rimworld and The Settlers, and promises freeform city building, a large resource and crafting tree, RPG story moments, and a mix of politics, war, trade and more.

You can check out Lost Goblin founder Gustav Seymore chatting about the alpha here, and discussing the Kickstarter here.