PC strategy giant Paradox Interactive has acquired Age of Wonders creator Triumph Studios.

Triumph's current team and management will all remain with the studio, including founders Lennart Sas and Arno van Wingerden.

All Triumph's current projects will remain in development, and will be published by Paradox Interactive.

Triumph Studios was founded in 1997. Two years later it released 4X title Age of Wonders to widespread acclaim. Two equally well-received sequels and several pieces of DLC followed, and allowed the series to sell more than a million copies to date.

The studio also found success with a pair of Overlord action RPGs, before Climax Studios and Codemasters took over and ran the series into the ground.

"Triumph Studios is a developer of our own heart," said Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester.

"They are world-leading within their niche and have built a large and dedicated community over the years, counting quite a few Paradox employees among their hardcore fans.

"We have great faith in Lennart, Arno and the Triumph team, and our main focus now is to ensure that they can continue to create their magic under new ownership."

Triumph Studios CEO Lennart Sas said his company was extremely excited about the acquisition.

"We have been approached by others before with an interest to acquire us, but this is not merely a business transaction for us," he said.

"This is a liaison with a partner that can help us grow sustainably by ensuring the stability and continuity needed for us to do more of what we do best – develop some of the best turn-based strategy games on the market today.

"Paradox is a good match for us both culturally and games-wise. They get it. It’s as simple as that."