BioWare is not working on Mass Effect: Andromeda story DLC and has shelved plans for a sequel, Kotaku sources say.

The site spoke with three people familiar with BioWare’s plans, but the studio has not released any official statements.

Last week rumours surfaced that there would possibly be a DLC release for Andromeda that tackles the fate of a certain race conspicuously absent from the game, and yesterday a widely-shared Facebook post claimed that BioWare had cancelled Andromeda’s DLC, but it seems neither claim was true.

In April, Kotaku reported that BioWare had scaled down its Montreal studio, transferring employees to other projects including Star Wars Battlefront II, Anthem, and the next Dragon Age.

So while a small team remains for multiplayer and patch support, there is apparently no-one left at the studio to work on any DLC.

All three prior Mass Effect games received single-player DLC, and Mass Effect 2's Lair of the Shadow Broker and Mass Effect 3's Citadel were particularly well-received.

Last month, a Kotaku report claimed that the majority of Andromeda was made in a mere 18 months.