Free-to-play superhero MMO Marvel Heroes Omega launches on Xbox One today, but it's not coming to Australia and New Zealand.

Developer Gazillion says there are several reasons why the game is not immediately releasing on Xbox One in Australia or New Zealand, including "ratings, console data centres, first-party policies, proper local support, and also internal bandwidth".

"The reality is we'd love to bring Marvel Heroes Omega on Xbox One to Australia and New Zealand, and really, every where we can as soon as we are able to, but we don't have a firm date to provide at this time," said Gazillion associate director of PR Tyler Nagata.

It's all a bit strange, as the game launched here on PlayStation 4 last week. When pressed for more information, Nagata said he couldn't comment further.

Omega is the console version of Marvel Heroes 2016 aka Marvel Heroes, which launched on PC in 2013.

The PC version is available here, and Gazillion said it is committed bringing new content and updates to it.