BioWare senior creative director Mike Laidlaw has a plan for Jade Empire 2, but Dragon Age is the studio's current priority.

The developer released action RPG Jade Empire on Xbox to much acclaim in 2005. Versions for Windows, Xbox 360, and OSX followed a couple of years later, and last year the game came to iOS and Android. In 2007, BioWare followed up Jade Empire with a little game called Mass Effect.

This week, speaking on the 1099 podcast (transcribed by VG24/7), Laidlaw said that a game's sales potential isn't the only metric his studio uses to determine what to make next.

“You need passion, you need talent, you need the right people and the right team, and then capacity,” he said.

By those measures, Laidlaw said he would be a fool to say BioWare isn't considering Jade Empire 2.

“If someone said to me ‘What would you do with Jade 2’, I have an answer," he said.

"I have a very clear answer in my head. But I also recognize that the majority of the leadership of Jade Empire 2, the people who are really the passionate vision holders, are all on Dragon Age… Let’s put it this way: Dragon Age is fairly distracting.”

This does not mean that Dragon Age has killed Jade Empire, Laidlaw added.

“I think a lot of the folks that still have really fond memories of Jade, and kind of know it in their bones are still pretty actively engaged in working on your Inquisitions, which takes a hell of a lot of time," he said.

Still, all hope is not lost: “In a universe where there could be a Beyond Good & Evil 2 15 years later, I think it’s very possible there could still be a Jade Empire 2.”