Those disappointed by the lack of new game announcements at Sony's E3 press conference will be happy to know the company has more in store this year.

Speaking with Jagat Review on Wednesday, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said, "There are things we have held [back]. We chose not to show those at E3 2017, but there will be some more news coming out from our teams later this year. No question."

We'll most likely hear about whatever Yoshida is teasing during Gamescom (August 22-26) or Tokyo Games Show (September 21-24), or perhaps as late as PlayStation Experience (December 9-10).

Yesterday, Yoshida told Kinda Funny's Greg Miller that Sony didn't show release dates during its E3 presser because it didn't want to set expectations and disappoint fans.

"Because we announced a lot of release dates for games that we had to apologise for pushing back in the past, we got together and discussed this seriously," Yoshida said.

"Because PS4 games are so big and all the teams, even veteran teams making games for the past 10 years, still miscalculate how much work is done at the end of the development; polishing and debugging, for example.

"So we agreed to not announce release dates until very, very, very, very close to the release date," he continued.

"That puts a lot of challenge to our marketing and sales teams, but they understood and agreed and allowed us to just say seasons like fall or spring until we are so close to a finished beta."