Xbox One X may be the world's most powerful console, but it'll still only run Destiny 2 at 30 fps.

That's the same frame rate the shared world FPS will run at on all other consoles including PlayStation 4 Pro, but is nonetheless a disappointment given that the game's frame rate is uncapped on PC.

That said, a higher frame rate would advantage One X players in the game's competitive multiplayer modes, so it does make sense.

The resolution the game runs at on consoles is still unknown.

Hopefully Destiny 2's Xbox One X patch will have it looking nicer than it does on other consoles, at least.

Destiny 2 is out September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version launches October 24.

A console open beta launches July 21, with the dates of a PC beta yet to be announced.

The aim of the beta is to stress test the game's servers, but it will also provide players the game's E3 experience at home.

That means the opening "Homecoming" mission, the "Inverted Spire" Strike, the game's PvP, and all of its six subclasses will be available. Bungie also mentioned that the beta would contain some secrets.