Smash-hit Kiwi subway builder Mini Metro is now available in Te Reo Māori on all platforms.

The latest update for the game from Dinosaur Polo Club adds full Te Reo Māori translation, which was performed by Raniera Harrison and Te Waata Cribb.

Dinosaur Polo Club co-founder Peter Curry said Te Reo Māori was added partly to reflect Kiwi culture in the internationally-flavoured game.

"The ways we thought we could impart some New Zealand-ness into Mini Metro were including Auckland as a playable city, and including translations for both of New Zealand's official written languages," Curry said.

"We try to support as many languages as is practicable so it's as approachable and welcoming to as many people as possible.

"It's pretty cool knowing that if somebody has their iPhone's language set to Māori and fires up Mini Metro, they'll be greeted with the option to Timata instead of Play."

To access Te Reo Māori on PC, you can set the language from the options screen.

On iOS you have to change your phone's language to Māori, but an in-game language selector is coming in a future update.

In theory, the translation is available in the Android build too, but the Android OS doesn't have an option for Māori so you can't just switch languages. That means those on Android will have to wait for the in-game language selector.