A gorgeous-looking Aussie game inspired by Tiny Wings, Journey, and Tribes Ascend is seeking funds on Kickstarter.

Exo One is pitched as a surreal, momentum-based exoplanetary exploration game and aims to deliver "an entrancing, flowing and exhilarating feeling of movement across a range of utterly alien exoplanets".

"It's all about the exhilaration of movement," the Kickstarter reads.

Players pilot an alien craft capable of manipulating the laws of gravity, and can roll and glide to build momentum and soar across a wide array of procedurally-generated exoplanets. Along the way, they'll piece together the story of mankind's first ill-fated mission outside the solar system.

Exo One is mainly the work of artist, game designer, and photographer Jay Weston, working under the studio name Exbleative.

Eurogamer, Waypoint, Rock Paper Shotgun, and Edge have all gushed over the game, and looking at its trailers, it's easy to see why. That soundtrack! Those landscapes!

Have a gander at the full pitch, and if it looks like your thing, AU$15 will get you a copy at release, and your name in the credits.