A 16-year-old Kiwi has moved one step closer to his dream of working in game development by publishing his first game on Steam.

Last month, Timothy Vincent released Jumps, a first-person platformer inspired by Clustertruck, on to Valve's distribution platform under the name Kiwiforge.

Jumps is all his work, although his brother helped test game.

Kiwi teen releases first-person platformer Jumps on Steam
Timothy Vincent.

The game is designed around jump tokens, which you must use strategically to get through levels. There's also a time limit for each of the game's 60 levels, and game mechanics to figure out and master including trampolines, cannons, rocket jumping, and more.

Jumps took Vincent around seven months to create, but prior to that he'd been learning Unity for two years, and general game development for about five.

He was motivated to put Jumps up on Greenlight after it got good attention from a streamer.

"They looked at my game and enjoyed it, and everybody was saying nice things, so I put it on Greenlight and it got greenlit within the month," said Vincent.

"That gave me a lot of motivation to work on it."

However, Vincent also had his Year 11 schoolwork – including his high school certificate – to consider.

"It's been quite stressful – I keep falling behind at school because I've got so much work to do on Jumps," he said.

"But the storm is over."

Kiwi teen releases first-person platformer Jumps on Steam

Jumps has gained some traction at Emmanuel Anglican College, the New South Wales school Vincent attends.

"[Other gamers are] not entirely interested, because they're into games like Dungeon Defenders, MOBAs, things like that," he said.

"But some of the jocks I guess you'd call them at my school really enjoy it, which is funny to see."

Once he graduates from high school, Vincent plans to study a diploma of game development at JWC Academy in Brisbane.

"The idea is to make a living out of it – that'd be really nice because I really enjoy it. But we'll see what happens."

Kiwi teen releases first-person platformer Jumps on Steam

Vincent grew up in Timaru, but has been living in an Australian town called Ballina for the past five years or so.

"It's a pretty small town, I haven't come across another kid that does game development," he said.

Jumps is available now on Steam for NZ$6.