Everything is a game where you can be anything you want – almost.

That sounds stupidly ambitious, but check out the 10 minute gameplay video below.

Everything is the brainchild of David O'Reilly, an Irish artist based in Los Angeles. Prior to his work here, he created the video game sequences in the movie Her.

He also made a game called Mountain, where you were… yep, a mountain.

"Everything lets you be anything you want," O'Reilly wrote on PS Blog last year.

"If you ever wanted to see what it’s like to be a horse, or a paperclip, or the sun, this is for you. Your main power in the game is Being (there are more but I won’t ruin the surprise).

"Everything is a game about the things we see, their relationships, and their points of view. In this context, things are how we separate reality so we can understand it and talk about it with each other.

"It sounds obvious, but people have been arguing about what things are since the dawn of time. This was the subject of my last game Mountain, and Everything explores this idea and more in much greater depth, and in a much more fun way."

Everything launches on March 21 on PS4 and April 22 on Steam.