Last week, it was discovered that action adventure title Rime has a recommended retail price of NZ$70 on Xbox One and PS4, but is somehow NZ$100 on Switch.

Similarly, Puyo Puyo Tetris is NZ$60 on PS4, but NZ$70 on Switch.

Eurogamer reckons it has gotten to the bottom of the discrepancy: multiplatform games are more expensive on Nintendo Switch thanks to costs associated with that system's game cartridges, which are more expensive to produce than Blu-ray discs.

According to Eurogamer, the price of a Switch game cart depends on its size (they range from 1GB all the way up to 32GB), and also the size of its print run (i.e. how many copies need to be made).

This makes sense, and also is in line with a statement made by Rime developer Tequila Works about the price gap: "We cannot enter in any specifics, but we can assure you Rime's price is based on the costs of development and costs of manufacturing for each specific platform," the studio said.

Eurogamer also reports that Switch games cost the same amount in brick and mortar stores as they do on Nintendo's eShop (even though the eShop versions are obviously don't require a cartridge) so Nintendo doesn't run afoul of large retailers like GameStop and EB Games, which wouldn't be happy if games were cheaper to buy digitally than they are in a physical store.

That has seen studios like Sumo Digital only release games on Switch digitally, so they can keep the price the same across all platforms.

"Snake Pass is digital only, and we have no issue keeping the price the same across all platforms digitally," Sumo COO Paul Porter told Eurogamer.

"Indeed, it was important to us that people wouldn't be penalised by which platform they decided to purchase."