A sports brawler where "a perfectly timed uppercut is the best counter to a dunk" is the next project from Spelunky programmer Andy Hull.

Dunk Lords is a two-on-two basketball beat 'em up featuring over-the-top special moves, devastating dunks, and game-changing equipment.

Players choose from 16 characters – each with unique special attacks and abilities – and do battle on a variety of hazard-filled courts.

Players can also purchase equipment that increase their abilities, like shoes that let you dunk from anywhere inside the three point line, magnetic armour that attracts a loose ball, and gloves that shoot unblockable shots.

There are two modes: local-only Arcade Mode for 1-4 players, and a Story Mode for 1–2 players.

As per Hull:

Gain the upper hand as you slam opponents with Slice's powerful digital blast, or trap players in grandma's jam jar as Gerry the strawberry. But to keep the beatings going, you'll need to earn special attack charges through high-flying dunks or confidence-smashing rejections.

Score from shot pads on the court to rack up additional bonuses such as money, extra points, and more. Mega shot pads even allow players to grow to an enormous size and dunk through the ceiling.

Dunk Lords is currently slated for release on Steam in early 2018.