Thieves stole a PlayStation 4 from Wellington Hospital's oncology ward last week, but enough has already been raised to replace it twice over thanks to contributions from the public.

As reported by The Dominion Post, the PlayStation 4 had been donated to the hospital, and was popular amongst the 15 or so daily patients getting chemotherapy at the ward.

It was bolted down, but was unscrewed and pinched last week.

"We are extremely disappointed that someone would choose to steal something used to occupy and cheer up children who are undergoing treatment," hospital general manager Chris Lowry told The Dominion Post on Friday.

"Given that hundreds of patients and visitors come through Wellington Regional Hospital every day, we sometimes experience instances of theft, despite our best efforts to prevent it."

The family of nine-year-old cancer patient Angus Little hoped to raise enough money via his Facebook page to buy another PS4 for the hospital.

According to a post on the page, donations and well wishes are flooding in from around the world, and the Little family is urging people to donate to Wellington Hospital Foundation.

However, it looks like a GiveALittle page set up by a Dom Post reader has already raised enough for two new consoles.

Meanwhile, internet company MyRepublic New Zealand has pledged to donate a PS4 Pro to the Little family.