Another group of final year Media Design School students have seen their game greenlit on Steam.

The game in question is Sky Noon, a western-themed multiplayer FPS where kills are scored by knocking opponents off the map, Smash Bros.-style.

Sky Noon was created by three programmers and three artists working under the name Lunar Rooster: Alex Hodgson, Chris Cullen, Craig Taylor, Henry Winder, Logan Currin, and Nathan Minifie.

Like arena FPS Gyromag, it was selected by a Media Design School panel to be commercially released.

Lunar Rooster's spirit was buoyed by the game's reception at PAX Aus.

"They're looking at this game thinking 'wow this is a student game!', and then they play it and are like, 'this plays like no first-person shooter I've ever played, it's amazing!'" said project lead Craig Taylor.

"We had people in the line to get their tickets telling other people to go play Sky Noon. It was a great feeling. We're pretty stoked."

Lunar Rooster is now looking for a publisher and additional funding, and hope to release the game on Steam in February for about NZ$20. The group is also eyeing a console release, and there's a possibility the game will wind up on Kickstarter.

"We've spoken to some publishers at PAX but nothing is set in stone, and we're keen to talk to some more people about it," said Taylor.

He credits Media Design School for bringing the group together.

"It put us in contact together as a group, and gave us a paper structure to put a game together where we could throw such a good idea together and give us the opportunity to take it further," Taylor said.

You can see more of Sky Noon on Steam or its official website.