Ubisoft is set to move towards a "games as service" model, according to hints in its first half 2016-17 earnings report.

The report and accompanying slideshow draw attention to increased digital revenues, monthly active users, and player engagement over time in its recent titles, largely thanks to greater emphasis on updates, live content, and DLC.

Games cited in the report include The Crew, The Division, and Rainbow Six Siege, all of which have seen significant post-release content.

Those games "each have more than 10 million registered players, demonstrating that we are effectively executing our business development plan and moving towards an ever-more recurring model," according to CEO Yves Guillemot.

"All of our actions and initiatives are aimed at achieving this objective," Guillemot added.

"The Live experiences for our consoles and PC games, including our investments in eSports, encourage long-term player engagement."

Guillemot's "ever-more recurring" comments correspond with earlier statements that the company would shift away from "fire and forget" products.

Such models - as seen in MMOs, MOBAs, and games like Destiny - have indeed demonstrated greater player retention, while drawing criticism for extracting greater money from players over time via DLC and microtransactions.

Future multiplayer-centric Ubisoft titles likely to embrace the model include Steep, For Honor, and Ghost Recon Wildlands.