Diablo lead designer David Brevik is helping Kiwi studio Grinding Gear Games launch action-RPG Path of Exile in China.

Earlier this month, Brevik tweeted that he was an "adviser" on an action-RPG that "pushes this genre to new heights", but he didn't mention the game.

Grinding Gear studio head Chris Wilson said the studio has been friendly with Brevik for a few years.

"He came out to New Zealand to visit us in 2014 and attend the New Zealand Game Developers Conference, where he was the keynote speaker at our invitation, [and] we make sure to catch up with him whenever we're over in San Francisco," he said.

"His insight over the years has been especially valuable as we have expanded. This year we've had the opportunity to formally invite him on board to help with our Chinese launch, as he has lots of experience with bringing games to overseas markets.

"We're really excited to be working closely with him, as he is the father of the action RPG genre and has immense knowledge in this area."

Almost 90 people are now employed by Auckland-based Grinding Gear Games.

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