Amazon Game Studios announced its first three games at TwitchCon this weekend, as well as new facets of Twitch itself.

The first, Breakaway, is a 4v4 "mythological sport brawler" wherein teams pick heroes from a variety of legends and face off in locations like Valhalla, Atlantis, and El Dorado.

Unlike MOBAs, which served as inspiration for some of its design, Breakaway features no creeps, instead centring on buildable structures and weapons that can change the course of combat.

Crucible, not to be confused with the Destiny PvP component of the same name, is a battle royale survival-combat game set on an alien planet.

Players "choose and customize heroes, making alliances and betraying allies on their path to victory," while a further player can trigger in-game events and play MC to the action.

Finally, New World is an open-world sandbox game that places large numbers of players in a supernaturally-infused version of early colonial America, urging them to build cities and survive - whether solo, cooperatively, or competitively.

Harnessing Amazon's 2014 acquisition of Twitch, all three titles will feature full integration with the streaming platform, including a range of interaction features for streamers and spectators alike.

For example, Breakaway will allow streamers and spectators to interact via polls, replays, and statistics, as well as a new Twitch feature called Stream+.

Stream+ is a currency earned through gameplay or the observation of it, which can then be used to bet on matches on Twitch; Amazon did not state whether Stream+ would have a real-money value.

All three games are powered by Lumberyard, Amazon's free game engine based on CryEngine.

Alongside the new games, Amazon also announced Twitch Prime, a new component of the company's Prime subscription service, which will offer regular free game content, discounts on games at Amazon, ad-free Twitch viewing, and more.

Breakaway, Crucible, and New World are currently planned for PC only; no release dates have been announced.