Sony's rumoured mid-generation refresh of the PlayStation 4 could be revealed before the PlayStation VR's October launch, says the Wall Street Journal.

Citing "people familiar with the matter," the Journal's report corroborates last week's rumour that an upgraded console is in the works, while adding the announcement date bombshell.

Like the earlier report, the two key features listed are support for ultra high definition (4K) graphics, and "more power for running the PlayStation VR."

However, Digital Foundry – whose own sources independently backed the rumour – says that while the console update has been termed "PlayStation 4K," it is unlikely that the new console would be able to power AAA games at full 4K resolution.

"In terms of additional computational power, we've got be realistic about what Sony can deliver with a mid-generation refresh."

The WSJ says that the upgrade would be an entirely new purchase for existing PS4 owners, but that the PS4 software library is "likely" to be shared between the two half-generations.

Sony released the original PlayStation 4 in November 2013, and has periodically updated its hardware spec – but only to make it more power- and heat-efficient.