GameFAQs' third "Best Game Ever" contest just concluded, with 2015's biggest indie darling Undertale topping the list.

The JRPG parody/homage beat out N64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the top honours, with Smash Bros Melee and Super Mario RPG rounding out the semifinal participants.

The bracketed contest was held to celebrate the cheats, tips, and message board site's twentieth anniversary.

Undertale has won significant acclaim from critics and fans for its sense of humour, design, and old-school combat system laced with nontraditional options.

In its various brackets, it directly beat out Fallout 3, Mass Effect 3, Super Mario 64, and Pokemon Red and Blue.

Like all online polls, its success may be attributable to a successful social media campaign; the reaction on social media has been explosive on the part of both fans and non-fans.

Undertale is available now for PC and Mac.