Figuring out which games are your favourite just got a little bit easier. is running a showdown to determine which games its users believes are the best ever, and GameFAQs user Kiri has created a tool to help users pick their personal favourites.

The tool asks users to resolve a lengthy series of one-on-one game faceoffs, tabulating the data into a ladder of their favourite games.

128 games are in the list from which the tool draws, as determined by GameFAQs users.

Not all genres are equally represented on the list, with JRPGs possibly over-represented and many potential favourites nowhere to be found.

It took us 370 battles (out of a potential 448) to resolve our favourites.

Our top five came out as GoldenEye 007, Portal 2, Banjo-Kazooie, Mass Effect 2, and Fallout: New Vegas, which seems reasonably accurate — though, again, some favourites were not represented in the base list.

The sorting tool can be found here.