Cult horror favourite Pathologic will receive the HD remaster treatment later this year, in addition to an all-new remake, says developer Ice-Pick Lodge.

Pathologic Classic HD brings with it improved graphics, numerous bug fixes, and most importantly, a new English translation, with redone voice acting.

The original game's poor translation (from Russian) was, in the developer's own words, "the major issue that had previously disallowed international audiences from accessing it."

Despite its poor localisation, Pathologic nevertheless received considerable cult acclaim on and after its 2005 release.

The first-person psychological horror title puts players into an isolated, atmospheric Russian village beset by a mysterious plague, and features a number of unique and odd game mechanics, particularly surrounding its NPC interactions and quest structures.

This HD remaster, from General Arcade, is distinct from the Kickstarted ground-up remake in the works at original developer Ice-Pick Lodge, and is being released due to the remake straying "rather far from the original."

Pathologic Classic HD is set for release at the end of October on Windows PC; the remake is estimated for November 2016 on new-gen consoles and PC.