If you love PC games as much as we do, you'll probably already know that Steam has launched a new feature called Steam Curators. The new platform enables gamers to see recommendations on the Steam Store from publications and individuals whose opinions they trust.

At Gameplanet we've been reviewing games for more than 14 years, so we know a thing or two about what makes a good game. On our Steam Curator page our writers will be sharing their personal recommendations on everything from niche indie games to AAA blockbusters.

But we'd also love to hear about your favourite games on Steam, so that we can share those with our wider community too.

Do you have an old favourite, a hidden treasure or a top pick that you think more Kiwi gamers should know about? We invite you to tell us what it is, and explain what makes it so great in the comments below. We'll be reading your recommendations and updating the Gameplanet Steam Curator page every week.

You can get our recommendations, and the top recommendations from the Gameplanet community by following the Gameplanet Steam Curator page:

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