Kerbal Space Program developer Squad is collaborating with NASA to produce a special downloadable mission pack for the sandbox-style flight sim.

Speaking with Polygon, Squad said the DLC mission will be one of the most difficult in the game, tasking players with landing Kerbals on an asteroid.

The player's ship will have to be capable of catching and landing on the asteroid, before guiding it into an orbit around the Kerbal planet without invoking some kind of Armageddon scenario for its inhabitants.

"I look up to NASA as one of the pinnacles of human achievement," Squad lead developer Felipe Falanghe said.

"It's not just an American space program. It's an inspiration for all mankind. We have people saying that KSP inspired them to change their majors to aerospace or some other related field...I think that for us we're just experiencing a very small version of what NASA does on a much larger scale for humanity as a whole."

A release date and price for the DLC is yet to be announced.