CCP Games has made an experimental six-on-six space dogfighting game for the Oculus Rift that by all accounts is pretty decent.

The game, EVR, was built using the Unity Engine and Eve Online assets.

It took a small CCP Games development team using 20 per cent of their work time a mere seven weeks to get the project up to demo standard.

EVR allows full 360 degree views for each pilot, and ships come equipped with forward-facing lasers or missiles that lock on where the pilot is looking.

According to Eve Online executive producer Jon Lander, the game was a prototype that came “out of the blue”.

“God knows what we’ll do with this,” he told PC Gamer.

“This is a bunch of guys in their spare time, basically last year we saw what Oculus were doing on Kickstarter and we as a company threw in a load of money.

“If you invested to a certain level you got a load of devkits,” he said.

“Really, really quickly they got this networked-up dogfighting game. They just came along one evening and said “can you have a look at this?” I took a look at it and was like, ‘Fucking hell, guys. This is amazing!’”

Lander said he was wondering if EVR could be worked into Eve Online somehow.

“We’ve got some really interesting questions to look at now,” he said.