Persistent world sci-fi shooter Destiny won’t be released this year, Activision has announced.

When details of the game first emerged last year thanks to a court case between Activision and Infinity Ward, the release date for the first Destiny installment was noted as 2013.

From there, Destiny episodes were supposedly going to be alternated on a yearly basis with an expansion referred to as Comet, with a final Comet title coming in 2020.

However, Activision has stated that Destiny is not included in its 2013 outlook and "there should be no speculation or expectation of a different result".

The publisher also reiterated that Destiny is confirmed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, “as well as other future console platforms".

It's worth noting that Bungie and Activision have not not ruled out a PC version of the ambitious game.

“We need to make sure that we’re prepared for the future," said Bungie COO Pete Parsons.

"Both prepared for upcoming generations, certainly upcoming other platforms. Multiple platforms.”

“The thing we’re focused on is creating that living universe, that place that you want to be on, and not have it be dependent on any specific platform or device.”

“I’d say we would absolutely love to be on PC,” he added. “If you go upstairs and talk to the people upstairs, we play on all platforms. So stay tuned.”

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg added, “We’re building Destiny to be wherever gamers are. And we want this to be one of the great video game franchises and entertainment franchise for the next decade.”

Destiny was officially unveiled last week in Seattle.