Tennessee Republican US Senator Lamar Alexander has told MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd that videogames are more of a problem than guns.

When asked if he could envision a way of supporting a bill that would enforce universal background checks for all firearms owners, Alexander said:

“I think videogames is [sic] a bigger problem than guns, because videogames affect people.

“But the First Amendment limits what we can do about videogames and the Second Amendment to the Constitution limits what we can do about guns.”

Unsurprisingly, the Senator Alexander is a favourite of the National Rifle Association, and according to Credo Action is on its “A Team" – a group of senate members who have "the unqualified support of the NRA".

Elsewhere, Rev3Games editor-in-chief Adam Sessler has defended videogames on Fox News, stating that videogames are merely a misunderstood scapegoat.

“People tend to go to what feels most alien, what feels most different and changing in the culture and in the society, and in this case it’s videogames,” he said.

“If you go through history you see many instances of this. You have comic books with the book Seduction of the Innocents… you can find this with the Vatican’s problem with opera dating back hundreds of years.”

“The new media, the new form of expression tends to be the repository for blame.”

Sessler went on to discuss aggression and gaming and elsewhere, and that many games are not made for children.

“For a lot of parents: if your game has the name of a felony in it, it’s probably unwise to have your children engage in it,” said Sessler.

Watch the Fox News interview with Adam Sessler below: