Publisher THQ's floundering stock price has lead to speculation it could be removed from the Nasdaq stock exchange within six months.

The company has until July 23 2012 to increase its share value above the USD $1 threshold for a minimum of 10 consecutive days, otherwise Nasdaq could be forced to de-list the faltering company.

THQ, founded in 1989, controls publishing rights for such franchises as Saints Row, Warhammer 40K, Red Faction, Darksiders, UFC and many others.

The company suffered a 26% share value drop after the release of the poorly-received first-person shooter Homefront in March 2011 and has struggled to recover, closing down a number of development studios over the last 12 months.

THQ's stock is currently valued at USD $0.66 per share, having traded as high as USD $36 in April 2007.

The company recently denied the cancellation of all 2014 titles, instead stating they were "...focused on high-quality core games".