UPDATE: Respawn artist Ian McGraig has said that the 2015 release window for Respawn's game was a "wild guess". Replying GameSpot's request for comment, McGraig said, "2015 was just my wildest guess as to when I would be able to show my artwork, which is usually 12 months or more after release. I have no real information on the release date of the game."

ORIGINAL: The first game by Vince Zampella and Jason West’s new studio, Respawn Entertainment, won’t be unveiled until 2015, according to one artist working on the title.

Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton, England, Ian McCraig said, “I'm having the most fun working with Respawn Entertainment right now, and I hate that I can't show you guys what I'm doing there until 2015.”

Respawn was founded amidst a cloud of controversy. Zampella and West were formerly executives at Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward. Activision dismissed the two for “for breach of contract and insubordination.”

Little is known about Respawn’s first project. I deliberately unfocused screenshot was released when the studio’s new website was launched. Electronic Arts will publish the game.

No platforms have been discussed and the 2015 date throws up a new round of questions as the current console generation begins to wind down.