SEGA confirmed yesterday that the names, email addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords of 1,290,755 Sega Pass users have been stolen.

No financial information or credit card details have been compromised, the company said.

In statement SEGA writes, “We express our sincerest apologies to our customers for the inconvenience and concern caused by this matter. Sega Pass is the service used to provide information about our new products to registered members and does not hold any customer financial information.

“After the unauthorized entry was identified, we immediately stopped the SEGA Pass service and took emergency action to prevent further damage. This action included immediately contacting all our registered SEGA Pass users. We are now fully investigating the cause of the incident.”

The attack on SEGA is the latest in a rash of breaches on the communities of game publishers and developers. SEGA joins Bethesda, Codemasters, Epic Games, CCP and Nintendo Europe.

LulzSec, a hacker group claiming responsibility for attacks on a number of the above companies, has denied targeting SEGA. Instead, the group has offered to track down and “punish” those responsible.