Publisher Electronic Arts is planning an optional paid subscription service across its sports franchises, offering exclusive downloadable content and early access to games according to an alleged memo.

Sports gaming blog PastaPadre has reported that several users have received the memo. The alleged document reads, “This new EA Sports subscription service is an annual paid subscription that enhances your gaming experience.”

“The subscription gives subscribers access to exclusive benefits for Madden NFL, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, SSX: Deadly Descents and NCAA Football.”

The touted benefits include:

  • Discounts on all downloadable content for participating EA SPORTS console-based titles.
  • Full downloadable versions of participating titles before they come out in stores.
  • Ability to transfer paid content from your current participating titles to future title versions.

The document suggests that pricing has not been determined but a separate unverifiable document claims the annual fee will be between USD $14.99 and USD $34.99.

Electronic Arts has not commented on the document. We will update this article should the publisher confirm or deny its legitimacy.