The Spike TV Video Game Awards have become synonymous with world premiers, something the TV channel doesn’t fail to capitalise on when advertising its ceremony of dubious worth. So far, the channel has teased a new title by Mass Effect developers BioWare, and a new American football game.

Now, it appears that Valve will be making a reveal around the Left 4 Dead franchise. The latest spot includes a still frame depicting a zombie apocalypse-related public health warning: “Infected? Report it!”

At the bottom of the poster it says, “1 of 3”.

As to what Valve will reveal is anyone’s guess (if indeed it has anything to do with the developer): It could be content for Left 4 Dead 2, the franchise’s debut on PlayStation 3, or a new game. We’ll find out when we wade through the mire of ego and spectacle that is the Spike TV VGA’s on the 11th of December.