Petition Online are hosting an appeal by a number of disgruntled Diablo fans, who have outlined their demands in regards to the artistic direction the franchise appears to be taking.

Their extremely well thought out and comprehensive list of complaints has been expertly compiled after viewing around twenty minutes of pre-alpha code provided to them in a Blizzard promotional package, which may or may not have been entirely orchestrated to elicit exactly this response anyway.

Some of their demands include;

  • A more realistic artistic direction, more independent from the Warcraft universe art direction.
  • Slightly less colorful and less vivid outside scenarios, they are too heavily influenced by the World of Warcraft ones
  • And most importantly: An independent and renewed artistic direction, not a recycled art direction taken from the Warcraft world, Diablo never was meant to be as cartoon'ish as Warcraft, they shall have independent and distinct styles, this isnt happening in Diablo 3, at first sight it looks like a remake of World of Warcraft, graphically and artistically speaking.

Blizzards counter-offer to appease them with free copies of Wrath of the Lich King upon release was not accepted.