Eurogamer is reporting the curious developments behind comments made by Luc Bernard, who is currently controlling the DS game Imagination is the Only Escape. "Currently" being the operative word, as most game developers aren't known for their love of controversy, especially where censorship is concerned. It seems that Imagination is the Only Escape is set in Nazi-occupied France during World War II, and as a young Jewish boy you need to use your imagination to escape the horror around you. How this is to be achieved on the DS is not explained.

"I hate World War II shooters. I think they are sick and disgusting. The war is not a game," he stated. "That is why I did this title, to show kids what really happened during the war."

Well, quite. Perhaps the sequel will consist of a multi-platform game where the objective is to get out of Hiroshima before sunrise. It seems now that developer Alten8 Limited has added to what would have otherwise been largely ignored by issuing a press release, in which they fold faster than Superman on laundry day. It seems it was all Bernard's fault and they want nothing to do with any comments attributed to him;

"Alten8 Limited a UK based game developer and publisher, wish to make a statement on the extreme media interest and misinformation on the proposed game concept 'Imagination is the only escape' , a Luc Bernard original idea."

"Alten8 wishes to make clear that Luc's opinions are his own, and do not necessary reflect the opinions of Alten8. Alten8 is a multi-cultural and multi-facetted company, producing both video games and video, on a range of subjects, for many interest groups. We do support independent and free thinking, which is both legal and morally acceptable, and is also commercially viable."

Alten8 have not publicly listed details of their morals at the time of this publication.