DreamCatcher and Golem Labs have announced that Superpower for the PC has been sent to the printers. The game will begin shipping in the U.S on March 27th. There is no confirmed NZ release date as yet.

"SuperPower fills a void for a realistic strategy game. A truly unique military and geo political simulator which allows the player the ability to decide on how they want to play the game. Built using recent UN and CIA data the player can play as any 1 of 140 nations and strive to solve the real world economic, social and political problems facing that country. From a military standpoint there are up to 4000 unique deployable units which can be used to fight strategic battles anywhere around the globe.

Combats take place in real world locations generated from the complete topographical map of the globe included in the game. When you fight to conquer a city, the landscape you see is real. Computer-controlled countries are independent entities that actually learn from their actions.

To challenge you, GolemLabs have designed the EHE (Evolutive Human Emulator). It's a revolutionary approach to artificial intelligence, combining both neural networks and expert systems. Computer-controlled countries are independent entities that actually learn. They learn how to solve their problems, how to play against each other and how to play against YOU! Every gamer will encounter a different opponent tailored to its own playing style. "