Acclaim are set to start their marketing campaign for Shadowman 2 next week in the U.K, and it's going to be one with a difference, and one more than likely to cause a stir.

They are going to be doing a "Tombstone" advertising campaign, where they are inviting relatives of the recently deceased to contact them if they are interested in subsidising the costs associated with death, in return for a small advertisement promoting the cult ShadowMan game. The video games company then plans to erect small billboards and sponsor the headstones of the subsidised dead as a permanent advertisement. The imagery on the tombstone ads will feature Le Roi - the games character, and the game's logo.

Shaun White, Communications Manager at Acclaim, said: "The concept of what we're calling 'Deadvertising' is entirely consistent with the theme of the ShadowMan 2econd Coming game and provides us with a permanent presence for our advertising. Content and context are two important principles of marketing ShadowMan."

The company is expecting a rush of enquiries for ShadowMan "deadverts" on gravestones. The company anticipates that it will prove popular with families who could not have otherwise afforded a fitting send off for loved ones.

Shadowman 2 is due for release on Playstation 2 in New Zealand this month.