Auckland, NZ (13 September, 2000) - The Gameplanet Network today announced the launch of the Gameplanet Web site at . The site has been in development for the last seven months and provides a wide range of services to gamers.

"Gameplanet is the most ambitious gaming Web site ever created in New Zealand," said Thomas Mahoney, Gameplanet Editor. "We want to work with the existing veterans to foster competition, as well as encouraging people new to the scene to get involved and try out online gaming."

The Gameplanet Web site consists of three sections: 'Magazine', 'Play Online' and 'Community'. The Magazine provides regularly updated gaming news, and reviews and previews of the latest game titles and PC hardware. Feature articles written by industry and community members will also appear regularly in this section. Plus, Gameplanet Downloads provides a local mirror site for essential gaming files and utilities, in a pending partnership with a major New Zealand ISP.

The Play Online section provides information about the Gameplanet multiplayer Internet game servers. Gameplanet hosts servers for several popular online games including Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 1.5 and Rocket Arena 3. Real-time status pages for each server are available, showing the names of all the players in the game and other useful information. Help guides are available for each game supported, to make getting started easy.

The Community section offers gamers incentives to play, by way of tournament competitions, ladders and real-time player rankings and statistics. Gameplanet are launching with two competitions, with over $2500 in prizes to be won in total.

Additionally, the Gameplanet Forums give gamers a space to interact -- discussing gaming issues, organising matches, or simply socialising.

Press Contact: Thomas Mahoney, Editor ([email protected]).

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