A Valley Without Wind developer Arcen Games has announced it is working on a turn-based god-game by the name of Skyward Collapse.

Skyward Collapse is set high in the sky atop a floating landmass that the player actively constructs as the game progresses, wrote Arcen founder Chris Parkon his blog.

A 4X (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) title, Skyward Collapse sees the player oversee Greek and Norse warring factions, granting each buildings, resources, and even citizens.

The player can also directly summon certain powerful mythological creatures like minotaurs, and align villages to lesser and greater gods to influence the outcomes of battles.

However unlike most strategy games, the goal is to balance the conflict so that neither side gets wiped out by each other or roaming bandits.

“You win by having the most points generated (read: most carnage) without either side committing genocide,” wrote Parkon.

“All in all the economic and military options are what you'd expect for a simulation game, but it's also probably our most streamlined game ever.

“It’s easy to pick up, but there are already some really tricky advanced strategies that we've been coming up with.”

Skyward Collapse is due later this year on Windows PC.