The debate over originality in games is a distraction, according to Zynga New York head Dan Porter.

In an open letter that sought to clarify statements he made earlier about Zynga’s copying of ideas, Porter said that all games were influenced by others.

“What I actually said was that all games are derived from other games, that this has been happening long before Zynga, and that the debate about originality in games is vastly overblown and misses the mark,” he wrote.

“Before making Draw Something we ran OMGPOP for four years and made lots of games that were inspired by games we loved and we emulated the mechanics from games with great UI. This is no great revelation.”

Porter said the “true genius” of Zynga was its ability to create games as a service.

“After making games for years, it was joining Zynga that made me understand the art, science and special sauce running games as a service.

“I really do believe that Zynga is the best in the world at creating and socializing games, and running them as a service that people love.

“Ultimately that is the huge factor in what makes Zynga a sustaining company.”

Last month Zynga and EA settled out of court regarding Zynga’s alleged copying of The Sims Social with its own The Ville.