Ubisoft’s Uplay store now sells third-party games.

PC games from a number of publishers including Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., Bohemia Interactive, Paradox Interactive, Telltale Games, and others now can be purchased and downloaded through the service.

Uplay began as a multiplayer and communications service before evolving into a distribution hub for Ubisoft titles last year.

Now that EA games are available on Uplay, Ubisoft games have been made available on Origin, EA’s equivalent service.

"Ubisoft is committed to continually improving Uplay and making it the most rewarding set of services available to our customers," said worldwide director of Uplay Stephanie Perotti.

"Adding excellent titles from EA, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and many other top developers to Uplay shop means that players now have more choice in where and how they purchase games online."

The company would not push its own titles over those from competitors, said Perotti.

"We definitely want other publishers to be happy to be on Uplay,” she said.

“We will find away if the above situation does happen, to make sure everyone gets a fair shout and that gamers, more importantly, can get the content they want to see.”