A new Arma title from Bohemia Interactive has been confirmed as a launch title for Nvidia’s Project Shield handheld.

The turn-based Arma Tactics has players control a four-man squad through randomised mission objectives and an "open-world storyline", said the company.

The game will support both touch and gamepad controls, and takes advantage of Project Shield's multi-screen output to allow players to see the battle from multiple perspectives.

Although the game is being called a Shield exclusive, Bohemia stated that iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux were “potential future platforms”.

"At the heart of the console, Tegra 4 SoC has 72 GPU cores and 4 CPU cores and its raw computing power easily surpasses many current notebooks," said a Bohemia spokesperson.

"[It] provides hours of gameplay on batteries because of its energy efficiency: truly portable gaming experience comparable to current gen desktop consoles.”

Arma Tactics launches alongside Project Shield in the second quarter of this year in the US.