The working titles of four in-development games have been revealed by THQ’s bankruptcy filing.

Some sleuthing by Polygon unearthed the titles, two of which have been trademarked by THQ.

Darksiders studio Vigil Games is developing a game with the working title "Crawler” – possibly a third Darksiders title.

Company of Heroes developer Relic Entertainment is developing a game with the working title "Atlas", which is due in 2014.

THQ has trademarked "Evolve" and “1666”, the working titles of a co-op action game being made at Turtle Rock Studios and a project in development at THQ Montreal respectively.

Other documents show THQ expects net sales of Saints Row 4 to exceed those of any of its other titles, and that Atlas doesn't have any predicted unit sales, possibly indicating that the game will be free-to-play.