A Kickstarter campaign that fell a mere US$28 (AU$26) short of its goal has left its creator relived rather than heartbroken.

DreamQuest Games was hoping to raise US$50,000 (AU$47,978) for Alpha Colony, a family-friendly exploration, building, and trading title, but when the counter hit zero, only US$49,972 had been gathered.

It was the second Kickstarter fundraising attempt for the game, the first of which raised US$101,472 of a US$500,000 goal in June before being cancelled by the developer.

"Although many consider this a failure and unfair, in the end, it is perhaps the kindest thing the universe could have done for us,", DreamQuest founder Christopher Williamson told Gamasutra.

"To be committed to deliver my dream game underfunded, understaffed, and sub-par, and to lose even more time and money would have been even more heart breaking."

"[$50,000] may seem like a lot of money to many," he said, "but by the time I pay 3D artists, animators, designers, and programmers, issue figurines, prints, T-shirts, shipping, etc. there will be nothing left for me and my team and we would end up with a game far short of what I had envisioned building."

"That is why I put the original game up for $500k – because that was what I felt it would take to do it right and not lose money. We scaled it way back and added stretch goals to $300k on the second Kickstarter in the hopes that we could at least achieve the same $100k level we got before."

Twenty-eight dollars is a bafflingly small amount to miss a Kickstarter by, but Williamson insisted he had thrown every penny he had in already.

"Despite all the snarky posts by others, I had already contributed an extensive amount of my own money to the Kickstarter and called in many favours and would need to do so again to succeed," said Williamson.

"I have already invested 10 months and US$60,000 of my 401k into this game and simply have no more savings to live off to try again."

“Clearly there simply isn't that much interest in building the kind of game I envisioned."

However, the game could make a return, he added.

"I doubt this is the end for Alpha Colony, but I do have to be responsible business owner and father and accept the reality of where we are at the moment and what the world wants."